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Improving Your Health in the Lazy Days of Summer at the Beach

As we grow older, maintaining our health becomes more and more difficult- there simply isn’t enough time, money, or energy. What if just going somewhere improved your mental, physical, and spiritual health? Vacation allows for the cleansing of the mind and relaxation of the body. A beach vacation nearly guarantees an increase in your overall health. Spending time at the beach is one of the best things that you can do to rest, relax, get exercise, and improve your mental outlook on life. Don’t miss your chance to improve your health with an Orange Beach vacation at SeaChase!

Recently, our own views on why the beach makes you healthier were confirmed when we ran across this article: listing 7 Reasons Your Body Wants You To Plan A Beach Trip Right Now

  1. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D.
  2. Sand is a natural exfoliant for your skin.
  3. Ocean minerals help reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
  4. Sunlight has been shown to decrease depression.
  5. Seawater preserves elasticity of skin.
  6. A day at the beach gets you moving without even trying.
  7. The beach decreases your stress level and helps you unplug.

On top of all of those reasons, coming to Orange Beach and the condos at SeaChase is just lots of fun! Don’t let the lazy days of summer pass you by without investing in your own health and peace of mind by spending a few days soaking in the sun, sand, and surf at SeaChase in Orange Beach!

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