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Kick Off Fall on Labor Day Weekend At Seachase in Orange Beach

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Friday, September 1st, 2017

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Did you make it to the beach this summer? If you didn’t, there’s still time for you to enjoy milder days and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping on shore. Now that the larger crowds of the summer have headed back home, fall invites couples, families and individuals to enjoy Orange Beach in a more relaxed setting but with everything that summer has to offer. If you did come down this summer, why not come down again this fall?

Labor Day Weekend is generally considered the end of summer. We see it as the beginning of fall! Not just as a kickoff for football season but as a kickoff for a season of fun, relaxation, and vacationing on the weekend as well as enjoying the renowned Shrimp Festival! Our luxury condos at Orange Beach provide the perfect base to enjoy everything that an Orange Beach vacation has to offer, especially spectacular shrimp!

Along the gulf coast, beach time in Alabama isn’t just limited to the summer months. Because, in the South, the summer weather doesn’t end until around Thanksgiving anyway! Then we have the holiday season to look forward to, and the beach is a great place to enjoy that time with friends and family as well!

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