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Kick Off Summer This Memorial Day Weekend in Orange Beach at SeaChase!

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Monday, May 22nd, 2017

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What are you doing this summer? Where will you go on vacation? What about a big, weeklong trip? What about for the weekend? Have you made your plans yet? Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and summer is officially here! Kids are out of school, the days grow long and lazy, and the beach is calling. Fortunately, SeaChase at Orange Beach has you covered with a great place to stay right on the beach that enables you to rest, relax, and enjoy the surf and sun during the day. And, at night, a plethora of restaurants, live music, and attractions are available to you throughout your whole stay!

For your Orange Beach vacation, SeaChase has condos available for families of all sizes. Summer is here. The water is warm, inviting, and beautiful. Whether you are coming down for Memorial Day Weekend or you’re staying closer to home this weekend but you’ve been prompted to think about what your plans for the summer will be, SeaChase is ready to be the home base for your Orange Beach vacation!





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