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Spend Your Post-Christmas and New Year’s With an Orange Beach Vacation at SeaChase!

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Monday, December 4th, 2017

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More and more, people are getting the week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Kids are out of school, things have slowed down, the wrapping paper is piled in the corner, the Christmas tree is getting brittle, and the last of the Christmas guests have gone home. What to do now?

More and more couples and families are taking this time to head down to the Alabama Gulf Coast for an Orange Beach vacation. We’ve seen the numbers rise year after year, but they are not overwhelming. The popularity of a Post-Christmas, New Year’s Orange Beach Vacation does not derive without reason:

1. The weather is great! Cool instead of cold, it isn’t hot like the summer and all kinds of outdoor activities are available.

2. Time to relax and enjoy the family together. Instead of going your separate ways with lots of distractions, spending a few days or a week all in the same place can be the perfect way to end one year and start another.

3. Having something to look forward to after Christmas. Christmas is a HUGE deal for so many of us! But, by Christmas night, there can be disappointment. Planning a trip for that next week can give your family something else to look forward to before work and school begins again in the New Year!

I haven’t even mentioned golf, shopping, coastal cruises and excursions, and everything else that a vacation at Orange Beach in one of the luxurious beachside condos at SeaChase has to offer! Come on down and join in the end of the year holiday fun!





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