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3 Benefits of a Beach Vacation at Orange Beach

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Monday, November 5th, 2018

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Did you know that going to the beach can be just the benefit to your health that the doctor ordered? Instead of just being a time of fun and frolic (it is that!), you can also go to the beach to improve your health and your state of mind. We have compiled a list of the top three health benefits of taking a break at the beach. Come down and enjoy!

  1. Relieve stress. Mental and emotional stress can do terrible things to your physical health, can create anxiety that raises blood pressure and can have other negative effects. Plus, it just makes you feel bad! But, a day, or a week at the beach walking in the sand, listening to the waves, and just relaxing, can do wonders to reduce stress levels.
  2. Get more exercise! Going to the beach guarantees that you will be physically active in appropriate and manageable ways. From walking in the sand (which works different muscles) to swimming in the ocean to even more strenuous activities like kayaking, jogging, playing volley ball or throwing the Frisbee, exercise always makes us feel better. And exercise is always better when we don’t realize we are exercising!
  3. Get better sleep. A day at the beach out in the sun soaking up Vitamin D, swimming in the ocean, getting fresh air, relaxing with the wind and the waves, and exerting yourself physically can work off excess energy. The night’s sleep you have at the beach after a full day can be some of the best sleep you will get, and we all know we need better sleep!

These are just a few ideas for some of the incredible health benefits of a beach vacation at Orange Beach. SeaChase has great condos, pools, tennis courts, and other amenities that can make your de-stress vacation one to remember!





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