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Come to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach for the Holidays TOGETHER with Family!

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

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They say, “there’s nothing better than being home for the holidays!”, and we totally agree. There is nothing better than spending the holidays with family, which is truly the heart of the home. Holidays can be made even better by taking home with you and enjoying the holidays from a great, spacious, and luxurious condo at SeaChase overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Orange Beach! More and more families are traveling TOGETHER for the holidays to places like Orange Beach where they can get away from the stresses of the holiday hustle and enjoy focused time with each other.

Orange Beach is a great place for that. From shopping to golf to to restaurants to a plethora of excursions, SeaChase at Orange Beach is a great place to enjoy time away together as a family! Even better, SeaChase’s condos are perfect for cooking, eating, and enjoying the season. We have everything you could want or need down here and plenty to do – or not do!

It is great to be home for Christmas and the holidays, but it is also great to get away from daily distractions and really concentrate on each other. Instead of the holiday just being one day, make it a time away together as a family to reconnect, rest, play games, take walks, throw the football, shop, explore, and have fun! What could be a greater way to give thanks, share the gift of family, and start the New Year?





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