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“Let’s Eat” at Festivals this Fall in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

We keep telling y’all that the fall is one of the most glorious times of the year to spend at one of the most beautiful locations in America. Our urging words do not do it justice; you must come down to see it – and taste it – for yourself. An Orange Beach vacation is NOT just for the summer. SeaChase is the place to be year round.         Continue reading

October is for the Birds along the Alabama Beaches

On October 3-6, the 15th Annual John L. Borom Alabama Coastal BirdFest will be taking place in Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope is located only a short distance up the road from SeaChase at Orange Beach, and this event is sure to … Continue reading


Escape to Orange Beach and SeaChase for an Amazing Getaway this Holiday Season!

Have you thought about what you are doing for Thanksgiving this year? What about for Christmas? Are you planning to stay at home and cook the turkey, make the stuffing, and exchange gifts? Did you know we love the winter … Continue reading


Why Plan A Fall Beach Vacation to Orange Beach?

The crashing waves, the silky sand, and the swimsuits belong solely to the summer, right? Who goes to the beach in the fall? Don’t put your beach vacation in the corner. Any time of year is the greatest time to … Continue reading


Labor Day Weekend and Beyond at SeaChase in Orange Beach

The end of summer is upon us and what better way to finish the season than with a Labor Day Weekend Orange Beach vacation to the condos at SeaChase? Summer doesn’t last forever, and the summer isn’t complete without a … Continue reading


Improving Your Health in the Lazy Days of Summer at the Beach

As we grow older, maintaining our health becomes more and more difficult- there simply isn’t enough time, money, or energy. What if just going somewhere improved your mental, physical, and spiritual health? Vacation allows for the cleansing of the mind … Continue reading


Visit OWA, the Gulf Coast’s Newest Amusement Park While Vacationing at SeaChase at Orange Beach.

So many of our guests come to SeaChase to ride the waves in the pristine Gulf of Mexico. How about an Orange Beach vacation where you ride roller coasters too? At OWA, the South’s newest amusement park, you can enjoy … Continue reading


Summer Fun Ongoing at SeaChase!

The “endless summer” continues in Orange Beach with families, couples, kids, and individuals coming down each week to enjoy the beautiful beaches along the Alabama Gulf Coast! The crystal clear, blue-green waters and waves crashing onto the delicate, white sands … Continue reading


Deep Sea Fishing Vacation at Orange Beach and SeaChase

It’s the moment before the catch when your breathing stops, when your whole body tightens in strength and intensity, when your chest fills with hope and anxiety, and you make one final pull. In that moment, the hours of waiting … Continue reading


Celebrating America’s Freedom in July with an Orange Beach/Gulf Shores Vacation at Seachase!

We are just days away from one of SeaChase’s absolute favorite holidays. We love to watch as you celebrate your freedom in red, white, and blue fashion. The beauty of the night sky flooding with fireworks that perfectly reflect off … Continue reading






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